Solarize Hartford Campaign Kicking off 4/27

The City of Hartford, CT Green Bank, and nonprofit Smart Power are pleased to announce that in a few weeks, Hartford will kick off a “Solarize Hartford” campaign, which will run from April through August 31.  Over 70 communities in our state have participated in this program, with over 2,400 homeowners going solar through Solarize Connecticut.

The program works because a competitively-selected solar installer provides special pricing to residents who sign up during the Solarize period.  C-TEC Solar has been chosen as the locally-based solar installer that best fits the needs of the residents of the city.  They offer a set, discounted price and zero down financing, as well as a 30% federal tax credit.

To find out more about the program:

  • Sign up for a no cost, no obligation home evaluation at, to find out if your home is good for solar. 
  • Come to a Solarize Hartford workshop: Thursday, April 27, at 6 pm Hartford High School, 55 Forest Street, Hartford

By joining Solarize Hartford, you’ll help our community reach our solar goals – and you’ll help Connecticut become a leader in solar energy.

Solarize Hartford CTEC Logo