Reporting on CSC Local Climate Action Conference

On March 3, 2017, a diverse crowd of students, professors, environmentalists, and other concerned community members gathered at UConn Law School for the 22nd Gallivan Climate Conference—Municipal Climate Policy: Local Solutions for a Global Problem, cosponsored by the City of Hartford Climate Stewardship Council. The event, organized by Sara Bronin, Thomas F. Gallivan Chair in Real Property Law, and the UConn Center for Energy & Environmental Law, covered various topics, from green transportation to urban planning to economically sustainable options for the future.

Keynote speaker Nilda Mesa, Director of the Urban Sustainability and Equity planning program at Columbia University, gave an inspiring account of how New York has been a pioneer in reducing carbon emissions. Panelists also provided insights on how Los Angeles, Portland (Oregon), Iowa, Bridgeport, Burlington, and other places have tackled climate change at the local level.

Finally and most importantly for our local climate action efforts, afternoon break out groups focused on different aspects of the draft Hartford Climate Action Plan:  from among energy, food, landscape, transportation, waste, and water.  These groups were led by members of the Connecticut Chapter of the American Planning Association and UConn Law students, and provided an engaging interactive opportunity for people to discuss their topic of choice. Hopefully everyone who attended can take that enthusiasm back to their homes, schools and communities!