March for Science Hartford on 4/22

This spring, Hartford will host the region’s inaugural March for Science, described as follows:

Our message is a non-partisan celebration of science and empiricism. In tumultuous times, when everything seems to be an opportunity for partisan divide, we aim to show that science is not an issue that separates people or politicians on either side of the aisle. We can all unify behind the precept that observation, deduction, reproducible results, and peer-review mark the pinnacle of human intellect and that the scientific method is what has created our way of life as we know it today. It will be what makes our tomorrow even better.

They have lined up some great speakers, including scientists and policymakers alike. It’s up to us to come together and march for change. See you April 22nd from 12-3 PM in Hartford at the Mortensen Riverfront Plaza! Help fundraise for this effort.

The other date to look out for is April 29th, for the People’s Climate March in Washington D.C.