DPW GIS Maps Impervious Surface, Atmospheric Brightness, Priority Planting

The GIS department of the City of Hartford Department of Public Works has released 3 maps, showing impervious surface, atmospheric brightness temperature, and priority planting areas. Download the maps as a single Zip file, or go to our Landscape Resources page to download each individually.

Significantly, the maps correspond to each of Hartford’s 14 Neighborhood Revitalization Zones. One map shows impervious surfaces – that is, ground-level surface that does not absorb water (e.g., concrete or buildings). A second map shows what is essentially a heat map, using data from the Landsat 8 earth imaging satellite.  As the first and second maps reveal, often it is hotter in the areas where there is more impervious surface. Grasses and trees tend to make areas cooler. A third map, developed with support of Davey Research Group and derived from 2014 NAIP imagery, shows possible priority planting areas. Look through related reports, studies, and information.

This information will inform decisions made by DPW’s Forestry Division (led by our City Forester), the Tree Commission (an active participant in the Climate Stewardship Council), and the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Urban Forestry Division, among other partners.