Project Sunroof Shows Solar Potential of Your Roof

Hartford residents, don’t know what your solar potential is but want to find out? Google’s new free interactive tool, Project Sunroof, makes it very easy to find out if your home is suitable for solar panel installation.

Project Sunroof, similar to Google Maps, is a dynamic mapping system which allows you to zoom in and around your area and see the potential for solar in your neighborhood. The map rates buildings on a scale of “shady” to “sunny” – making it easy for you to determine whether your house is suitable for solar installation.

In addition to the solar rooftop potential map, Project Sunroof displays any solar arrays already installed in your neighborhood, though more updated data is available on our own Hartford climate map.

Recently, The Solar Foundation and U.S. Department of Energy awarded Hartford with the “SolSmart Gold Designation” – demonstrating that our community is actively looking to engage with the solar industry and increase solar accessibility. The city has also launched a SolarizeCT campaign, ending September 14th, which provides bulk discounts to homeowners for solar installations. One last notable solar initiative is the partnership between PosiGen and the Connecticut Green Bank called Solar for All – which seeks to bring solar to low-income and moderate-income homeowners.