Hartford Wins 2 RecycleCT Grants!

Hartford has been making progress in the area of waste!

Keney Park Sustainability Project and Blue Earth Compost have received grants from RecycleCT, allowing them to move forward with their own sustainable waste management initiatives. KPSP will being conducting a wood materials management program in Keney Park, and Blue Earth Compost will be facilitating a composing initiative in Billings Forge. The Climate Stewardship Council wrote letters of support for these two grants.

The Keney Park Sustainability Project, a community based organization whose mission is to preserve Keney Park while also creating a more environmentally conscious community, will create a wood materials management program, focusing on the identification, collection, and processing of dead and dying trees in Keney Park – which contains one of the biggest municipal forests in New England. The Keney Park Wood Materials Management Project will also engage a coordinated team of volunteers comprised of Hartford municipal staff, and youth from Hartford neighborhoods, who will receive skills and training through the program. Overall the project is dedicated to the preservation of Keney Park by enhancing the ecosystem and habitat so that it can be used for recreational purposes for many years to come.

Blue Earth Compost, an organization whose mission is to expand accessibility of composting in Connecticut to improve our air, water, and soil, will be running a year-long composting pilot for local food businesses and residents of Billings Forge in Hartford. This composting project will provide collection services for the food scraps created at Billings Forge, and then bring them back to a composting facility. From there, these valuable resources will be turned back into soil for the residents and restaurants of Hartford to use in their community garden. We encourage you to read more about the project on Blue Earth Compost’s website, and consider signing up for their composting services.

Overall, these two programs are important initiatives for the city of Hartford. They encourage more sustainable waste practices, and over time will help contribute to the fulfillment of Hartford’s climate action plan.