“Ban the Bag” Campaign Launches

Tired of seeing so many plastic bags on our streets and in our parks (including Lozada Park, shown above)? Ready to learn how we might help stop that trash from happening in the first place? Following discussions at the Climate Stewardship Council which started in February, a few local advocates have launched a Ban the Bag campaign.

This group of advocates is holding an event tonight, July 18th. They will discuss why it is important to ban plastic bags, how other cities have done so successfully, and how it might happen in Hartford.

At a recent City Council meeting, the Council voted to ask the Climate Stewardship Council to continue its efforts to study a plastic bag ban. While the Council has not yet taken a formal position on a ban, we do note that plastic bags pollute our land and water. They litter our landscapes, float around in waterways, and can eventually make their way into the world’s oceans. Learn more by volunteering or signing a petition.