No Time to Waste: Public Comment Open for Trash Site Rehab

Many believe that from an environmental justice perspective, Hartford has shouldered the region’s trash burden for far too long already. Yet as a part of the Connecticut Solid Waste System Project, there are plans to redevelop the large materials and solid waste facility located within Hartford. The time to provide public input into these plans is now!

The state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is overseeing this project. Its main goals are to divert 60% of waste from the landfill or incineration, reduce negative environmental and public health impacts, and spur economic development in host communities and across the state. Hartford in particular will be greatly affected by the final project as major changes will be made to the regional waste facility located in the city.

Covanta Energy, the Sacyr Rooney Recovery Team, and Mustang Renewable Power Ventures are the three finalists for the waste facility project in Hartford. These three companies had the opportunity to present their proposals to the public on September 28 at Hartford’s City Hall. Each has a very different vision for the project. Covanta Energy’s main goal is to decentralize the state’s waste system by converting Hartford’s current waste facility into a transfer station. The Sacyr Rooney Recovery Team envisions a solid waste facility with multiple applications including waste sorting, biological components, power generation, and local training. Mustang Renewable Power Ventures proposes a mixed waste processing facility with anaerobic digestion, composting, and power generation. All three of these proposals state major benefits to public health due to a drastic reduction of emissions and waste.

Unfortunately, public input was not allowed at the September 28 meeting. DEEP is currently accepting written public comment on these proposals until Friday October 20, 2017, by 4:00 PM EDT. Comments may be emailed to, and more information can be found on DEEP’s Resource Recovery Webpage. This project will have major impacts on both the city and state, so make sure to comment before the deadline.