Farm Fresh Food For The Holidays

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, consider visiting your local farmers’ market to find some great fresh produce for your holiday spread.

The local food movement has been on the rise, and here’s why you should consider buying local:

  • Support your local farms: Buying local helps your local farms produce quality goods and creates local jobs.
  • Invest in your local economy: When you spend your food dollars at locally, those dollars stay in and are reinvested into the local economy.
  • Eat fresher foods: Local foods travel less than their typical grocery store counterparts, which means they’re likely to be fresher and lose fewer nutrients.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your meals: Typical grocery store foods can travel across the country or can even come from other countries before they get to your plate. Buying local foods means that fewer greenhouse gas emissions are produced in transit.

Interested in buying local? While many farmers’ markets have already closed for the season, there are some that are still open.

KNOX, Hartford Food System, Hartford Farmers Markets, and West End Farmers’ Market of Hartford are hosting the 7th Annual Hartford Harvest Market, which will take place on November 18th from 10AM-2PM at 75 Laurel Street. Visit the Facebook event to find out more.

Billings Forge is also holding a Winter Pop-up Market on December 16th from 10AM-1PM at The Studio at 563 Broad Street. Check out their website to find out more.


Photo: The lovely vegetables above were featured at last year’s Hartford Harvest Market