Office of Sustainability launches climate action groups! Join Us…

This week, the City of Hartford’s Office of Sustainability will be continuing its series of resident climate action meetings. Hosted on 2/15 at 5:30, the meeting will be held at KNOX’s site at 75 Laurel Street in Hartford.

The discussion will focus on two key sustainability action areas for 2018: Landscape and Water. Special guests from Riverfront Recapture, Community Solutions, MDC and Keney Park Sustainability Project will join the City’s Department of Public Works to discuss current efforts to protect our greenspaces and improve water quality. Join us to learn more about ways to get involved, benefit, or share your talents!

Building upon the work of the Climate Stewardship Council, which drafted the city’s extensive Climate Action Plan last year, these meetings introduce residents to local environmental work outlined in the Plan. Adopted by the City Council this year, the Climate Action Plan outlines successes, goals and strategies in six different sustainability action areas, including energy, food, landscape, transportation, waste and water.

The last climate action meeting focused on energy and transportation, and was hosted in partnership with the grassroots transportation organizers at BiCi Co. Underscoring the need for improved options for community members, attendees discussed ways a variety of topics ranging from ways to save money at home through energy efficiency to community organizing around electric school buses.

A special demonstration of the innovative new dockless bike share system, LimeBike, was also at the meeting. Attendees learned about how LimeBike addresses transportation equity issues by allowing residents to choose where to take the bikes within the city – versus a centralized and inflexible approach to bike infrastructure development.

Representatives from BiCi Co / Transport Hartford, Chispa, CTRides, Posigen, CT Green Bank, and LimeBike shared their work, and discussed ways to partner and expand work through resident involvement.

To keep the conversation going, join us this week, follow us on Twitter, and spread the word!