Energy Improvement District Adopts Comprehensive Plan

Last fall, the City of Hartford established an Energy Improvement District (EID), which can be used to enter into contracts, to buy or lease energy facilities, to increase energy efficiency, and to make it easier and cheaper to do business in Hartford. The board, which consists of nine voting members and five non-voting members, includes residents along with representatives from local businesses and Eversource. 

In accordance with Conn. Gen. Stat. § 32-80a(c), the EID is charged with creating a plan that concerns “the development and financing of such [EID] resources… with a view to increasing efficiency and reliability and the furtherance of commerce and industry.” After receiving input from various stakeholders including local and regional businesses and residents, the EID Board formally adopted the Hartford EID Comprehensive Plan earlier this month. The plan features the identification of strategies and sites for future projects, while also recognizing the importance of past successes and the City’s existing context and infrastructure. A key feature is expanding access to renewable energy through a community-scale shared solar initiative.

Hartford has moved leaps and bounds ahead as the City embraces the goals and strategies presented in our recently adopted Climate Action Plan (CAP). The EID will continue to further work done in the energy industry while also using the CAP values of economic development, public health, and social equity as a guiding principle.

Interested in learning more about the EID? Visit our page, or attend the meetings, which are open to the public and held at City Hall every third Wednesday at 3 pm.