Keeping Things Green And Clean in Hartford

Hartford is going full steam ahead with its Climate Action Plan! The Office of Sustainability, in partnership with KNOX, hosted its second climate action group meeting last week. Along with co-host KNOX, special guests from Riverfront Recapture, Community Solutions, Keney Park Sustainability Project, and MDC, represented by CDM Smith , joined the City’s Department of Public Works and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission to discuss momentum around the different landscape and water initiatives that are happening in Hartford.

There was lively discussion and interest around several topics:

  • Solar upgrades and trail extensions at Riverside Park
  • The Clean Water Project and green infrastructure in Hartford
  • Community outreach opportunities and anti-litter education in Hartford’s park system
  • Emerald Ash Borer and tree care plans
  • Novel hands-on sustainability activities in Keney Park
  • New bioswales and other interesting renovations at Community Solutions and the Swift Factory

The Office of Sustainability also shared details on a new Retain the Rain pilot program being launched this spring. The comments and feedback provided by attendees will be used to guide and refine the Office of Sustainability’s efforts this year. Stay tuned as we move forward with the Climate Action Plan with the help of our wonderful partners!

With such great attendance, participation, and enthusiasm at these past meetings, we’re excited to announce the third meeting in the Climate Action Meeting series: Food & Waste! Join the City of Hartford’s Office of Sustainability, our fantastic hosts Keney Park Sustainability Project and Blue Earth Compost, and other local organizations on Tuesday, March 15th at 5:30 pm. Find us at the Keney Park Pond House (323 Edgewood Street Hartford, CT), and we’ll have light refreshments and snacks to munch on as well.

To keep the conversation going, join us at our next meeting, follow us on Twitter, and spread the word!