Food for Thought


Hartford is building momentum with its Climate Action Plan!

The Office of Sustainability recently held the third in a series of three climate action meetings for residents. This meeting focused on eco-friendly food and waste work throughout the city, and was hosted in partnership with Keney Park Sustainability Initiative and Blue Earth Compost. Special guests from KNOX, the Food Policy Advisory Commission and School Gardens Committee also presented information on their respective efforts.

Representatives from Chispa, Hartford Quaker Friends, Community Solutions, and Habitat for Humanity also attended, and shared their expertise. The group of about 20 community members talked about several topics, including:

The Office of Sustainability also shared related details on our Climate Action Plan, and the City’s goals to cultivate local food production, ensure access to healthy food, divert food from the waste stream, reduce carbon intensity of food, increase food resiliency, promote recycling and reuse in the public and private sector. There was also great interest and discussion around upcoming events, such as tomorrow’s “Just Eat It!” film screening hosted by Hartford Quaker Friends. For more sustainable events around Hartford, check out our new sustainability calendar here.

The comments and feedback provided by attendees will be used to guide and refine the Office of Sustainability’s efforts this year. Stay tuned as we move forward with the Climate Action Plan with the help of our wonderful partners!

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