Looking for a new way to get around the city? Want a primer on bike shares? Read on!

This summer, Hartford residents, commuters, and visitors will have a new option to get around the city. LimeBike is launching a bike share pilot program in Hartford, and distributing several hundred bikes throughout the city. Bike shares allow for people to share a system of bikes by paying per use. With big cities like Washington DC and New York City already using LimeBike, the availability of these convenient, cost-effective bikes is already changing the way people travel throughout cities.

The LimeBike program model is simple:

  • Download the app. With a quick and free download of the LimeBike app, users can track a LimeBike, pay, track miles and calories, and use it to their liking. If accessing the app is a problem, users can simply call the phone number on the bike to set up an account and pay as they go.
  • Find your bike. All bikes include GPS and are able to find easily.
  • Pay when you’re done. The cost of use is $1 per 30-minute ride, with a discounted rate for qualifying participants.

Before you go: Make sure to understand the rules of the road, and stay safe. Remember:

Rules of the Road:

  • Ride on the right, moving with traffic.
  • Obey traffic signals and signs.
  • In CT, bikes going straight may ride in the left edge of a right turn lane.
  • When making a turn, you can operate like a vehicle, or like a pedestrian, making use of crosswalks and pedestrian lights.
  • In Hartford, bikes can ride on sidewalks, but you must yield to pedestrians.
  • When riding on paths in parks, yield to pedestrians.
  • Helmets are not mandatory but are a good idea.

Know the meaning of road symbols

  • A bike in a narrow lane indicates a bike lane. This is a great place to ride.
  • A bike with a chevron above it is a sharrow. This tells motor vehicle drivers to expect bikes, and indicates to bicyclists where they should ride.

For additional information, watch Lime’s video on correct and incorrect LimeBike usage.

LimeBike recently launched Lime Access, a program that lets low-income riders purchase 100 rides for $5. Once a ride is complete, the user can simply lock the bike’s back wheel and responsibly park it between the pedestrian-designed sidewalk and street curb, or at a bike rack – making sure not to block the pedestrian way or driveways.

What’s great about this program is that bike shares are for everyone. Local residents, tourists, downtown office workers, commuters, and college students all benefit from the convenience of bike share mobility. Bike share provides a carbon-free, transportation and exercise option, that is not only affordable, but promotes a healthier city. With fewer cars on the road, this service could help promote the reduction of traffic congestion and improved air quality. This not only translates in healthier residents but in potential economic growth, boosting local tourism economy and attracting more employers and residents.

For more information on grassroots efforts to expand bike and pedestrian use, safety and fun, check out BiCi Co.



Photo Source: Krystina Martinez / KERA News