All aboard the Hartford Line!

This past year has been monumental for Connecticut transportation. From the debut of the successful U-Pass CT system to the introduction of the LimeBike program, Hartford is undergoing an enormous shift in transportation options. This weekend, those options will continue to expand. Beginning June 16, the highly-anticipated Hartford Line will connect Hartford residents to Springfield, MA and New Haven, CT. And to kick off the new transit, the Hartford Line will offer free trips during the opening weekend, on June 16-17! Take advantage of this by simply hopping onto the CTrail Hartford Line trains! This service will require complimentary tickets on the Amtrak trains, which will be distributed by Hartford Line staff at ticketing stations this weekend.

This new transit effort is a result of a partnership among the CT Department of Transportation, CTrail, and Amtrak. As an expansion of the current I-91 train infrastructure, the Hartford Line will add CTrail and Amtrak train connections for a total of: 34 trips on the weekdays, 12 trips on Saturdays, and 13 trips on Sundays. This expansion will not only provide more transportation options for commuting residents, but will allow for a shorter transit, since the Hartford Line boasts an average travel time of 80 minutes between Springfield and New Haven, at speeds up to 110 mph.


The transit cost is also affordable, as the basic one-way fare from Springfield to New Haven is $12.75, with one-way fare from Hartford to New Haven at $8. Commuters also have the option to purchase monthly passes, with the trip between New Haven and Hartford at $168; $126 between Hartford and Springfield; and $267.75 for the entire trek. Additional costs can also secure riders unlimited bus trips to and from the train and monthly parking passes. Importantly, discounts are offered to eligible seniors and people with disabilities, and bring down the fare to about half the cost. Tickets can be purchased at CTrail ticket machines at all Hartford Line stations, excluding Windsor Locks and Windsor. At those stations, customers may purchase one-way tickets online at, or with the Amtrak mobile ticketing app. Please note that one-way tickets can also be purchased onboard CTrail Harford Line trains, but not on Amtrak trains.

From contributing towards safer roads, lowering traffic congestion, offering more reliable work commutes, and moving towards the retention of internship and job applicants, the Hartford Line provides an opportunity for all residents and visitors. In fact, the DOT predicts that the Hartford Line will divert 1.5 million car trips per year!

As this exciting new transportation option begins, please remember to stay safe and obey the law at rail crossings. Given the increase in rail traffic, residents should never attempt to drive under or around a closing or closed gate at a street-level railing crossing. Trains cannot stop quickly and may even take a mile to come to a complete stop. With that in mind, please stay safe and enjoy this new program! And be sure to ride free this weekend!

Check out the entire list of tickets, fares, and schedules!



Photo Source: Courtesy Of State Department Of Transportation