GHG Inventories and More!

Did you know?

More than 2,700 cities, towns, state, and businesses signed onto the “We’re Still In” commitment. “We’re Still In” encourages signatories to meet the Paris Agreement standards, which include setting “a goal for emissions reduction equal to or greater than the US goal under the Paris Climate Agreement (26-28% by 2025)”.  

The City of Hartford’s Office of Sustainability has been diligently working towards goals outlined in “We’re Still In” and our Climate Action Plan.

Fortunately, we’ve made some good progress on a) developing a methodology for a GHG inventory and b) collecting data. In 2016, the City was fortunate to work with the Environmental Defense Fund Fellow and University of California at Berkeley student Divya Srivnivasan. Divya put together a detailed path, based on the EPA model for GHG Inventories.

Using this model, our Office of Sustainability’s UConn MBA intern Kartik Dubey, with volunteer Bernie Pelletier, have started to gather information from our Grand List. This information allows us to take an educated guess about a baseline for Hartford. This is a first step towards an ideal and complete greenhouse gas emissions inventory.

Another step we’ve taken involves collecting all data related to building energy within city operations. Our Office of Sustainability has partnered with vendor WegoWise to develop an energy dashboard for the City. This grant-funded dashboard has information on more than 40 buildings that the City owns or manages. In addition to being able to compare a facility’s energy performance over time, the WegoWise platform also enables us to compare buildings to each other, and to industry standards. We’re able to use WegoWise as an archive for utility bills and supply contract information. A screenshot of WegoWise is below.

Interested in learning more? Check out Divya’s Report or visit EPA.

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