Celebrating the Past and Present, Planning for the Future

As Hartford prepares to update the City’s ten-year plan in 2020, we’re looking to celebrate the past and present and plan for the future. Read on to discover more about the update to our roadmap for the city…

Ten years ago, our city established a detailed plan to use development to support Hartford’s rich culture and vibrant urban life. This plan, known as the Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD), incorporated 13 different elements, some of which included Housing, Parks, Open Space and Natural Resources, and Greening Hartford and Sustainable Developments.

The POCD, themed “One City, One Plan,” was successfully developed with the help of various stakeholders, including city staff, Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commissioners, and numerous residents. Public input from residents proved invaluable, with the feedback from the participation process directly shaping the Action Agenda.

POCD Panel 2 111619
Public POCD Theme Panel #2, November 16, 2009

The Action Agenda was formed with the goal of implementing the plans contained in the last POCD, which established timeframes for the plans ranging in length from 1 to 10 years. These short and long-term plans included both commercial and residential developments.

Fast forward ten years, and we are currently in the process of updating the POCD in order to coincide with our city’s 400th anniversary! The new city plan’s theme is “Hartford 400”, and like before, will be crafted with robust public engagement. This citywide effort will set expectations for future development through feedback from residents, community organizations, businesses, and other stakeholders.


Hartford400 topics

Among the main goals of the Hartford 400 is the effort to make our city more sustainable and aligned with our Climate Action Plan. The Climate Action Plan was created by the Hartford Climate Stewardship Initiative, and it is pivotal in accomplishing the goals of the POCD. Our plans for energy, landscape, waste, food, transportation, and water are directly in line with goals of the new POCD (see above) and Hartford’s vision for its 400th anniversary. Stay tuned for upcoming news about the Hartford 400!

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