Happy Earth Day, Hartford! We’re so excited to celebrate Earth Day 2019 with you, and share some news: Our 2017 – 2018 Report is freshly posted! Learn more about work done by the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and grassroots organizations across the community.

In the report, you’ll find a series of accomplishments by community stakeholders and city departments, including:

  • Energy
    The City of Hartford’s Office of Sustainability recently issued its first report, detailing projects, policies and impact of a community-wide sustainability initiative.
    • $673,000 in Projected Energy-Related Savings
    • The Parkville Microgrid
    • A $5 Million Streetlights Upgrade
    • The City of Hartford Energy Improvement District Board
    • The WegoWise Energy Dashboard
    • Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Fund
    • Solar for All and Community Solar
  • Landscape and Water
    • Retain the Rain Residential Stormwater Management Program (over 120 rain barrels distributed to date!)
    • A $180,000 Grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
    • A second Partners for Places grant of $65,000 to support green infrastructure work
    • Urban Tree Canopy Research and Outreach
  • Transportation
    • Complete Streets Policy Implementation
    • LimeBikes
  • Food
    • Trinity College students evaluated access to lower cost, healthier foods.

All month, we’ve been celebrating exceptional people and organizations transforming Hartford. During Earth Week, we’re recognizing local sustainability champions, so read on below. We’ll be adding new profiles going forward, so check back in later!