Let’s Be Water Wise! (Updated Every Month)

As part of our National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Long Island Sound Futures Fund grant, we’re working on increasing awareness about the importance of our local waters and the greater Long Island Sound watershed. So you might catch some fun water facts through our Retain the Rain program, social media, and our newsletter, and we’ll keep a running list of our water facts and photos on this page. Looking for events? Check out our Bright Green Hartford Calendar

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Hartford goes toe-to-toe with cities nationwide!

While hearing about Hartford’s recent environmental initiatives, you might have wondered how it compares to cities nationwide. Are other cities developing and implementing similar plans? How are other communities approaching climate action, resilience, and clean energy? According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s (ACEEE) newly released 2019 city scorecard, Hartford stands out due to its significant progress in its pursuit of clean energy.

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Happy Earth Day 2019!

Happy Earth Day, Hartford! We’re so excited to celebrate Earth Day 2019 with you, and there are so many great things to share. Check out our Bright Green Hartford initiative or our newly released 2017 – 2018 Annual Report to learn more about the sustainable work done by the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and grassroots organizations across the community

GHG Inventories and More!

Did you know?

More than 2,700 cities, towns, state, and businesses signed onto the “We’re Still In” commitment. “We’re Still In” encourages signatories to meet the Paris Agreement standards, which include setting “a goal for emissions reduction equal to or greater than the US goal under the Paris Climate Agreement (26-28% by 2025)”.   Continue reading “GHG Inventories and More!”

All aboard the Hartford Line!

This past year has been monumental for Connecticut transportation. From the debut of the successful U-Pass CT system to the introduction of the LimeBike program, Hartford is undergoing an enormous shift in transportation options. This weekend, those options will continue to expand. Beginning June 16, the highly-anticipated Hartford Line will connect Hartford residents to Springfield, MA and New Haven, CT. Continue reading “All aboard the Hartford Line!”