Ashes to Ashes


The race is on to save our Ash trees! The Emerald Ash Borer first reared its green head in Connecticut in 2012, and has the potential to infest and kill nearly 10,000 trees in Hartford alone, and millions across the state! Continue reading “Ashes to Ashes”

A Brighter Future with Shared Solar

The City of Hartford’s Sustainability Coordinator, Shubhada Kambli, testifying at the March 6th Energy and Technology hearing in support of  SB 336

The City of Hartford views shared solar as a win for consumers, businesses, and the environment! Connecticut residents pay the highest electric rates in the continental US. As it stands today, solar energy is far too expensive for many individual Hartford residents to afford.  Shared solar programs allow residents to purchase electricity generated by a solar installation that feeds the grid. This concept makes solar power more accessible for consumers by addressing issues related to financing, owner/renter status, and unsuitable siting.  Community shared solar allows everyone to benefit from solar power.

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Energy Improvement District Adopts Comprehensive Plan

Last fall, the City of Hartford established an Energy Improvement District (EID), which can be used to enter into contracts, to buy or lease energy facilities, to increase energy efficiency, and to make it easier and cheaper to do business in Hartford. The board, which consists of nine voting members and five non-voting members, includes residents along with representatives from local businesses and Eversource.  Continue reading “Energy Improvement District Adopts Comprehensive Plan”