In the area of Energy, our overall vision is cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable energy that reduces the likelihood of power outages during storms, creates green jobs, reduces fossil fuel dependence, and cuts energy costs for all.

Over the last few decades, Hartford has transitioned from coal to hydroelectric power to natural gas today. Hartford must explore additional sources of energy to accomplish its sustainability goals.

On the public side, some of the city’s municipal buildings are inefficient, requiring upgrades to reduce costs to taxpayers. On the private side, Hartford energy consumers have electricity rates that are among the highest in the country.

Hartford already has made strides to improve its energy sources and energy conservation. It has municipal facilities that use clean and renewable energy, has created a public-private microgrid and an energy improvement district, and participates in a program that brings solar to low-income homeowners. Many of these initiatives have been done in partnership with Eversource, our energy utility company.

More can be done. Making energy cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable can improve quality of life for Hartford residents of all income levels and can ensure that Hartford’s businesses can be competitive over the long term.

Given this context, the 5 goals in the area of Energy set forth in the Climate Action Plan are:

  • Goal 1: Improve Energy Efficiency of Public Properties
  • Goal 2: Improve Energy Efficiency of Private Properties
  • Goal 3: Increase Renewable Energy Use
  • Goal 4: Encourage Clean Energy Vehicles
  • Goal 5: Increase Energy Resiliency

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