Take the Challenge!

In November 2019, Mayor Luke Bronin issued an Energy Equity Challenge for all Hartford residents and local property owners. The goal is to reduce energy use, ensure that all residents,  including renters, take advantage of free resources to improve properties, and local neighborhoods are supported.

5 Steps for Renters, Homeowners, and Landlords
5 Steps for Multifamily and Commercial Properties


What Can I Do To Save Money?

Click the above captioned images to learn more about how homeowners and renters, or commercial property owners, can take the Challenge.

What Kind of Recognition is There?

If you have a great story of energy upgrades or can show measurable reductions through ENERGY STAR tools like Portfolio Manager or the Home Energy Yardstick, send us an email with your success! We will recognize accomplishments during April 2020, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Email your story to sustainability@hartford.gov by March 15, 2020.

Commercial properties the meet or exceed efficiency standards are eligible for national recognition and can earn the ENERGY STAR!

Did You Know …?

  • The Energy Equity Challenge encourages local property owners, homeowners, and renters to measure and reduce their energy use with resources from a series of partners. You can save $$, and get national recognition!
  • Hartford renters, homeowners, property managers, and landlords who pay utility bills are eligible for discounted or free energy audits and weatherization for their homes.
  • If you pay utility bills but don’t apply for support through Energize Connecticut , you miss the opportunity to reduce your energy use and lower your energy bills!
  • You can also receive low-cost loans for energy efficiency upgrades and solar, as well as access to an affordable, no-money-down solar lease with the Connecticut Green Bank’s Solar for All partner, PosiGen Solar.
  • The City is taking part in the Challenge, and leading by example. With a upgrade of streetlights to LEDs recently completed, city staff, led by DPW, along with the Office of Sustainability and contractors are working on comprehensive lighting upgrade of a series of buildings.

Our Partners:

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The purpose of the City of Hartford’s Energy Equity Challenge is to try to help residents save money, reduce energy, and improve their quality of life at home.  The City of Hartford does not guarantee any savings or assume any risk associated with the products and/or services of the organizations supporting and/or participating in this Challenge, and all related questions should be directed to these organizations.