In the area of Landscape, our overall vision is private and public landscapes filled with trees and meadows that together mitigate the effect of high heat days and flooding, provide ecosystem services, offer recreation, and clean our air.

Hartford is a compact urban city with often-overlooked natural resources that provide tremendous public benefits. Here, we focus on natural resources such as trees, ecosystems, public parks, and human-made landscapes.

Few cities can rival Hartford’s magnificent system of public parks and cemeteries, which encompass over 2,000 acres of green space. The city boasts America’s first public park (Bushnell), and by the 1930s, Hartford had the highest proportion of park acreage per capita in the country. Unfortunately, investment in public parks and cemeteries has been declining since the 1960s.

Trees in these public spaces have been affected by budget cuts, and trees on both public and private property are threatened by disease and pests, including the emerald ash borer.

The City recognizes these issues and is working to implement effective solutions. In recent years, the City has developed public-private partnerships to help maintain parks, revised its zoning code, and passed a powerful Tree Ordinance. Further improving the health and quality of our landscapes will in turn benefit our air, health, and quality of life.

Given this context, the 5 goals in the area of Landscape set forth in the Climate Action Plan are:

  • Goal 1: Improve Tree Canopy Coverage
  • Goal 2: Promote Meadows and Native Wildflower Fields
  • Goal 3: Improve Public Park Facilities
  • Goal 4: Enhance Human-Made Landscapes
  • Goal 5: Increase Resiliency of Trees and Landscapes

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