Want to reduce your energy use and save money?

The City of Hartford’s Office of Sustainability is supporting residents and local business owners by issuing a “Building Energy Challenge” to all property owners in Hartford with the goal of making Hartford home to healthier, safer, more sustainable buildings and neighborhoods. To help kick off this effort, please join us on Energy Efficiency Day, October 2, 2019, to:

Join us at our Eco Expo on October 2, 2019!

To learn more about our Challenge and resources to help YOU, there will be a FREE environmental expo at City Hall on October 2, 2019 between 4 pm and 7 pm.

We will have representatives of organizations such as:

Participants with the greatest reductions or efforts will be recognized in April 2020, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! 

.Check out our Expo video below:

Sustainable Transportation Directions

City Hall lies in Downtown Hartford, the transportation hub of the City. Most buses stop within a seven-minute walk, if not closer. A snapshot of some routes you could take to get downtown include the following: 

  • Farmington Ave: Routes 60-66
  • Asylum Ave: Routes 72-74
  • Albany Ave: Route 50-58
  • North Main St: Routes 40-42
  • Park St: Routes 31-33 and 61-63
  • Wethersfield Ave: 53
  • CT Fastrak Stations: 101, 102, 121, 128, 161

For more in-depth instructions, please plan your trip with CT Transit’s online tool at: https://www.cttransit.com/ 

The City of Hartford’s Eco Expo and Energy Challenge helps residents improve their quality of life at home. Please note that the City cannot guarantee savings or assume any risk associated with the products and services of organizations supporting the Expo and Challenge; all related questions should be directed to these organizations.