The City of Hartford recently established an energy improvement district (EID), which might be used to enter into contracts, to buy or lease energy facilities, to increase energy efficiency, and to make it easier and cheaper to do business in Hartford.  Here is a CGA report outlining some EID issues.  Stamford and Bridgeport have both taken advantage of the EID program. The Board also adopted a Supplier Diversity Policy.

Want to learn more?  Powers and duties of the EID are set forth in article XIV of the municipal code.  The Mayor and City Council have appointed a board, which first met in fall 2017. After receiving input from various stakeholders including local and regional businesses and residents, the EID Board also issued the EID Comprehensive Plan, which was updated in 2019, in accordance with Conn. Gen. Stat. § 32-80a(c).

Would you like to participate in the EID? Property owners may record on the Hartford Land Records a decision to participate in the energy improvement district pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. sections 32-80a, 32-80b, and 32-80c.  For some tips about the format of this notice, feel free to contact us using the comment card at the bottom of this page.

Looking for the 2019 Request for Proposals? That information is on the 2019 RFP page.

Looking for the 2018 Request for Expression of Interest? That information has migrated to the 2018 RFI page.

MEETING UPDATE: The June 17, 2020 meeting is cancelled.

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