NOTE: The submission period for the 2018 EID RFI has closed. 

Request for Expression of Interest (RFI)

In 2018, the EID Board issued a Request for Expression of Interest (RFI). This RFI encourages proposals related to projects and goals identified in the Comprehensive Plan. Have questions about the RFI? Check out notes from previous meetings below, or you can also contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. A consolidated list of FAQs can also be found below.

Relevant Documents 

Request for Expression of Interest – Updated 8/20/18 
Pre-Proposal Session Notes – 8/17/18 
Pre-Proposal Session Presentation – 8/17/18
Landfill Solar Array Site Visit Notes – 8/28/18

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Updated 9/12/18

  1. Will the EID provide addresses and allow applicants to visit the sites listed on the map?
    The map with site locations has been provided online. Most of the sites can be visited without any issue. However, for the landfill solar array, the City will arrange a site visit for August 28th, 2018 at 2 pm, 180 Leibert Rd.
  2. Are submissions for multiple technologies across all sites preferred, or is it possible to have a solar project on just a few specific sites?
    There are no preferences or limitations on number of sites or technologies used.
  3. Who are the City’s current consultants for energy projects and efficiency work in school buildings?
    The City is currently working with Colliers and Bridge Energy. Bridge negotiated an electricity supply contract that expires in December 2020.
  4. Is the City open to buying the energy the project produces?
    Yes, the City is open to doing so, and as an example, has recently entered into a contract regarding virtual net metering.
  5. Will the results of the RFI be released before an official RFP is issued?
    The responses will be made public. For those with questions concerning proprietary information, please refer to the confidentiality procedures referenced in the supplementary Q&A presentation as well as the RFI itself.
  6. Will the results of the RFI be used as a shortlist for an official RFP?
    This has not been determined yet, but the results could potentially be used for a shortlist.
  7. If a submission only focused on some of the sites, and an RFP came out for a different site, would the applicant be precluded from the RFP?
    No. The RFP would still be open to the RFI applicant.
  8. Does the EID Board have any influence over the private sites identified in the RFI?
    While the EID’s site priorities map is where the board has already identified a need or viable location for projects, the EID Board does not have any influence over the development of private properties. Partnerships with private owners are encouraged. Finally, applicants would not be limited to the sites identified in the RFI.
  9. What would local taxes look like for the project?
    For any general questions about EID Boards and taxes, refer to Section 32-80c (a), (f) and (i) of the Connecticut General Statutes (copy attached). For more specific questions, please submit them in writing to EID procurement officer Shubhada Kambli at Please note that answers to these questions will be made public.
  10. Is the City expecting lease revenue for projects on public property, particularly if there is energy generated on the property?
    It is within the EID’s power to lease, but this would have to be determined by the EID.
  11. For all of Hartford’s municipal buildings, what is the total annual energy spend?
    This answer was updated 9/12/18. The City’s FY17 spend is as follows:

    WATER           $ 416,267
    ELECTRICITY           $6,665,199
    PIPED GAS           $1,557,122
    Total           $8,638,588

    2017 Annual Electric Volume = 57,159,655 kwh

  12. Will the EID meeting on the August 19th be public?
  13. Is there a deadline for asking any additional questions?
    There is no deadline for asking questions, other than providing them before the deadline for the RFI. Please submit them in writing to EID procurement officer Shubhada Kambli at Please note that answers to these questions will be made public.
  14. How will property taxes be addressed for future projects?
    For information related to taxes, please refer to Section 32-80c (a), (f) and (i) of the Connecticut General Statutes. If respondents have more detailed or specific questions, they can email
  15. Is it possible to share a map or Google.kmz files of potential project sites?
    There is a map of potential sites in the Comprehensive Plan, which is available at
  16. Is it possible to meet individually with the EID Board or Office of Sustainability in advance of the RFI deadline?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible.
  17. What is the intent of the RFI? What is the advantage of going through the EID Board?
    Local ordinance requires the EID Board to promote a more reliable grid, make energy costs more predictable, deploy renewable technology, and increase the energy supply. As a result, the EID Board seeks to ensure that energy projects get underway in the near term. These projects are identified in the Comprehensive Plan, which is available online, at
  18. Are there incentives available through the EID?
    There are no local incentives offered through the EID Board at this time. State and federal energy incentives may be found at
  19. Is ““previous experience working with a Connecticut EID” a minimum requirement, or would you consider working with a partner who has done projects with other municipalities but not necessarily CT EIDs?
    This is not a minimum requirement, but it is a preference.
  20. Are there any site visits scheduled?
    Yes. The City will arrange a site visit for August 28th at 2 pm, 180 Leibert Rd.
  21. Is City Hall excluded from consideration?
    City Hall is not excluded from consideration.
  22. The EID Comprehensive Plan notes that the Hartford Landfill had a recent RFP for expansion of the solar array. However, the city purchasing portal shows no award from a Spring 2017 RFP. Was there a more recent RFP? Can you please advise the current status of this opportunity?
    The answer will be posted if additional information is found.
  23. Which companies have already inquired about the RFI?
    Please see our Q&A Notes for a list of companies who had representative attend the pre-proposal meeting.
  24. Would it be possible to get information about the roofs for all of the Hartford schools, especially the age of the roofs and any information you may have about their structural integrity?
    For information on school roofs, please see the School Roofs document.
  25. Will there be any “points off” or disadvantages for a developer that chooses to pass on submitting a response to the RFI and only responds to the RFP when it is released?
    There will be no points off or disadvantages if a respondent responds to an RFP without first responding to the RFI.
  26. Would it be possible to get the contact information of those that are interested in the RFI?
    Please see the Interested Participants List.

For questions specific to the landfill solar array, please see the Landfill Solar Array Site Visit Notes.