Thank you for your interest in interning for the City of Hartford Climate Stewardship Initiative! The CSI is a partnership of the Office of Sustainability in Mayor Bronin’s office and the Climate Stewardship Council, a volunteer, citizens’ sustainability task force. Responsible for facilitating sustainability initiatives regarding energy, food, landscape, transportation, waste, and water, we convene two dozen key stakeholders from the Hartford region to move policy proposals forward and create a climate action plan. Here is some basic information about our internship program:

INTERN RESPONSIBILITIES: As an intern for the CSI, you will learn about and have an opportunity to engage in a broad range of issues related to community development, urban planning, and sustainability. You will be working directly with the City’s Sustainability Office, including the Sustainability Coordinator and Green Infrastructure Specialist, as well as members of the Climate Stewardship Council.

Among other related activities, you will attend meetings with decision makers in Hartford. You will be expected to collaborate across departments around new initiatives and apply to grants and assistance programs, and you will gain experience in project management. This internship requires strong skills in writing, research (including data analysis), organization and time management. This internship is a great opportunity for someone who is flexible and hard-working, is a good problem solver, can work well with others, and is committed to community development & sustainability in Hartford.

An intern’s most likely allocation of time is: research (including data analysis) – 40%; writing – 40%; field visits – 10%; clerical – 5%; community engagement – 5%. However, this allocation will be adjusted depending on the intern’s skills, expertise, and goals for the internship.

Sample issues past interns have worked on include:

  • Researching information to support all six areas of the draft Climate Action Plan
  • Coordinating and submitting a successful Bike Friendly Community application
  • Drafting an ordinance to create an energy improvement district
  • Working with the City Forester to create maps showing where public trees can be planted
  • Developing an interactive GIS map highlighting sites of recent climate initiatives
  • Reviewing best practices for Vision Zero plans in other cities
  • Handling social media, including drafting blog entries for the website and Twitter posts
  • Collaborating with various parties on grant applications
  • Making public presentations (as shown in the image above!) at conferences
  • Taking meeting minutes of Climate Stewardship Council meetings
  • Surveying stakeholders in other cities and towns which have regulated plastic bags
  • Planning public events (e.g., on solar energy and lightbulb exchange)

DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: CSI interns must be either graduate students or undergraduate students in their junior/senior years. Students should have a particular interest in sustainability, urban studies, data analysis, GIS, planning, law, architecture, engineering, business, economic development, environmental science, LEAN processes, or environmental policy. High school and undergraduates in their freshmen/sophomore years with strong academic backgrounds may also be eligible for shorter or less intensive internships focused on discrete projects, when co-supervised by a faculty member or externship supervisor at the student’s home institution.

PHYSICAL LOCATION OF INTERNSHIP: Locations for internships will depend on the nature of the work anticipated to be performed by the intern, but past interns have been physically housed at one of three locations:  (1) City of Hartford Department of Development Services, Planning Division, at 250 Constitution Plaza, (2) Office of the Mayor, 550 Main Street, and (3) City of Hartford Department of Public Works, at 50 Jennings Road.

APPLICATION DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: A resume and cover letter (providing proposed dates and hours of availability) is required. A transcript and writing sample may also be requested. Initial inquiries should be made through the Contact Us page.

PAYMENT: This is an unpaid internship.

MINIMUM HOURS PER WEEK: It is important that CSI interns are able to devote sufficient time to the internship that it is useful both for them and for the CSI. Attendance at Climate Stewardship Council meetings during the term of the internship is mandatory. Do not apply for an internship if you cannot attend these meetings! In addition, during the fall/spring semesters, we expect 8-10 hours per week. During the summer, we expect 35 hours per week.

AN AFFIRMATIVE ACTION/EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER:  The City of Hartford is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, veterans and persons with disabilities.  Reasonable accommodations will be made in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.