For what you can do as an individual or business, please see our “What Can You Do?” page. The following are external resources, gathered here for convenience only, to provide additional background information on the topic of energy in Hartford.

Hartford-Specific Resources:

Regional/State Resources:

  • Capitol Region Green Clearinghouse:  An initiative, sponsored by the Capitol Region Council of Governments, which profiles region-wide efforts on sustainability.
  • CT Green Bank: An innovative state-chartered bank that offers a range of financing solutions for homeowners, business owners, multi-family property owners, municipalities, and others.
  • Eversource: The electric utility company serving the Hartford region, which has partnered with Hartford in various ways, including participating in the energy improvement district and financing special projects like the recent lightbulb swap.
  • Eastern Connecticut State University Institute for Sustainable Energy:  An educational institute that participates in Hartford’s climate efforts and promotes energy efficiency and sustainability in Connecticut through education, research, and technical support.
  • Home Energy Affordability in Connecticut: The Affordability Gap (2016): A report prepared for Operation Fuel, examining the home energy affordability issue in the state.