The Climate Stewardship Initiative is an inclusive, community-wide effort led by Mayor Luke Bronin (through the Office of Sustainability) and the Climate Stewardship Council.

Together, we aim to advance the city’s economy, improve public health and quality of life, and promote social equity while becoming a global leader in environmental stewardship. Below is a video about our work:

In 2017, Mayor Bronin created a Office of Sustainability, which includes a Sustainability Coordinator and a Green Infrastructure Team. In addition, representatives from the Departments of Public Works and Development Services, as well as Hartford Public Schools, participate in the Climate Stewardship Initiative.

The Climate Stewardship Council (CSC) convened in 2016 to draft a Climate Action Plan, which was formally adopted by the city’s Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council in early 2018. Participants in the CSC came from nonprofit institutions, regional and state governments, and private businesses from the Hartford region. Now that the CSC’s planning function has been completed, 6 CSC member organizations have been delegated authority to advise the Sustainability Office on ongoing issues and support local organizations. These 6 members are: Hartford 2000, Food Policy Advisory Commission, Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission, Planning & Zoning Commission, Redevelopment Agency, and Tree Commission.

Students and professors from UConn Law School, UConn Business School, UConn StorrsTrinity College, and UC-Berkeley have provided invaluable research support and assistance. Many thanks for their support!